2018 Update - Eli, Adam, Matisse, Elizabeth, Javier, Luis, Mikhael, Edgar

Happy New Year and thank you for all of the inquiries requesting updates on our kids...

Eli has graduated from the prestigious Royal Ballet Academy in London.  He is now preparing to audition for companies.  On his list are Royal Ballet (of course),  San Francisco Ballet and American Ballet Theater.  Eli is on Instagram @Eli.Raphael. **Update 9.18 Eli will be dancing at ABT. Welcome back to the US Eli.

Adam is at Columbia University in NYC where he is back to dancing (modern) after taking a year off to rehab shoulder (car accident) and knee (dancing) injuries.  

Luis continues his tenure dancing for the Des Moines Ballet Company where he just completed the 2017 Nutcracker run. His alter ego, Yzma S. Diamond Rosenberg, performs in the evenings at a local Des Moines nightclub.  Follow Luis on Instagram @Ysma.Diamond.

Matisse is a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.  She is now dancing with the Bolshoi in Moscow where they have just completed a European tour.  She is amazing and beautiful.  Matisse has a Russian boyfriend and you can follow her/them on Instagram @Matisselove. 

Mikhael is in France having graduated from a full scholarship at the Princess Grace Ballet Academy.  He is now a corps dancer with Opera National du Rhin.  (Dad is on board with his chosen occupation.) You can follow Mikhael on Instagram @Mikhaelkinley.

Elizabeth danced for a couple of years in Utah with Ballet West and is now dancing again in Los Angeles while attending school at Santa Monica College. You can follow her on Instagram @Lizardemoji.

Javier was accepted as one of the youngest dancers at the National Ballet School of Canada in Toronto where he is shining.  He is on a direct path to fulfilling his lifelong wish of becoming a professional ballet dancer.

Edgar is attending California State University in Fullerton where he is studying business.  He is an accomplished ballroom and ballet dancer.  He helps teach at his parent's dance school and participates in ballroom competitions.  Follow Edgar on Instagram @e.d.g.a.r.k.